Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lots of pictures

I've got a few pics for you now. I found a great box for my folded cardstock, a Xyron refill box, it's just the right size.

I went to the Stampin' Up workshop this morning (or yesterday, it's after midnight here). We made two cards and a small calendar, it was a lot of fun even if there were only three of us there. I bought a couple of old stamp sets and ink pads and send the demonstrator (Betsy) an order by email. I'm getting Wild about you from one of my scrapbooking friends, thank you Jóna! Takk fyrir mig Jóna! (she doesn't read blogs so I don't expect a comment from her). I'm also buying ink pads and markers. I don't have much cash right now, I have to pay $270 to change my temporary green card to a permanent green card...I paid over $1000 a couple of years ago to get the resident visa and green if you ever hear me talk about those dang illegal immigrants you know why!
Anyway, I'm not in a bad mood or anything, I managed to do 4 cards tonight...after I tried out my new stamps, but I didn't use those images, I used the ATC cards I did the other day. I haven't put pictures of the new cards on my computer yet. My new computer thnks my camera is a Trojan virus or something and everytime I upload pictures on my computer I get this pop up about the memory stick and the pop up wont go away unless I restart the computer. I guess I need to just upload the pics on our old computer and send them by email to myself so I can burn them onto a disc....!

the inside of the card
the envelope.

Some of my frinds asked me to show them how I make the matchbook cards so I took some (bad) pictures of cardstock that I have scored the lines on. I hope the pictures are useful to anyone interested, I know they're not the best but I think they'll do for now.

Well, I don't know what I'm doing up so late, my friends in Iceland will be up soon ;)

TaTa for now


Músla said...

æðisleg kortin þín ,alltaf gaman að fá nýtt stimpladót :)gangi þér vel með græna kortið

Helgaj said...

Geggjuð kortin þín eins og ávallt:O) vonandi fer þessu meðgræna kortið að ljúka, alltaf svo leiðinlegt að þurfa að standa í svona.

Bryndís H. said...

Kortin þín eru algjört æði!

helga l. said...

Vonandi gengur allt vel :)

Æðisleg kortin :D

Anonymous said...

Geggjuð kort!!!
Og takk æðislega fyrir leiðbeiningarnar af Matchbook kortunum!!! Búin að prófa og þetta er ekkert smá einfalt!!!
Knús elsku nafna :-)

Áslaug said...

Vá úff hvað þetta kort er ótrúlega flott !
Mjög elegant & fallegt !

Eygló said...

Flott kort hjá þér, gíraffarnir eru svoooo sætir ... og dagatalið er geggjað líka;)