Tuesday, July 17, 2007

%$&#%&# mosquitos

I'm finally recovering from over 20 mosquitobites I got in Florida a little over 3 weeks ago...well, until tonight when I thought I needed to get some air in the houseand kept the door open for a few minutes. One mosquito thought she hit the jackpot and managed to give me 5+ bites before I managed to get rid of it. Now I have to itch again for weeks and my legs are swollen (my body does not like the mosquitos as much as they like me).

Anyway, I have not done any cards or scrapbooking LO's lately but that doesn't mean I've been on a break, I've actually benn cutting and folding paper and stamping a lot. I've been testing my son to see how much I can to while he's awake. I tend to fall asleep with him when he goes to bed. He does pretty good if he gets paper and markers/crayons.
So no pictures this time, but tomorrow I'm going to a Stampin'Up workshop and I hope I'll be able to do my cards without smearing ink everywhere....sometimes I make a card and when I'm doing the finishing touches I leave an inkstain by accident.

Ta Ta for now

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