Monday, August 6, 2007

2 scrapbook pages and 2 cards

I did manage to make one scrapbookpage and I scanned one that I did a couple of weeks ago too. And two cards.

This is the LO I did for my challenge. When we were in FL last June we decided to make our dream come true and went on a helicopter ride. We found a small company in Old Kissimme that was willing to take the three of us on a short ride for a fair price. It was so much fun, and Sylvan was so funny, he was to busy listening on the headphones to look out the windows. I've got more pictures from the ride and plan to do another page to go with this one. The paper is Seaweed Collection from Crate Papers. The sketch is from Becky Fleck at Pagemaps.

I asked my sister to take a few pictures of my nephew up close, they live in Iceland and I haven't seen him yet. And this is what I came up with for these photos. It's simple so the focus is on the photos. Crate Paper again.

I told you I was going to make sympathycards for our neighbour's girls. They are 5 and 8 years old and lost theyr dad a couple of weeks ago. I decided to make two cards in case they decide to keep the cards instead of throwing them away, then they wont have to fight over them when they get older.

Stamps: Rubber Soul and Stampin'Up

Stamps: Stampin'Up

I'm working on making more Lion Cards, I've already sold one and have been asked for 4 more.

It's already 11 pm here so I doubt I'll manage to make a card and I'll probably not have time to do any until thursday, my friend is coming over tomorrow night, I'm going to fix something Icelandic for her and Wednesday is my 30th birthday and I'll probably go on a date with my husband and to the movies. We haven't done that since his birthday in October last year. that's the last time we got someone to watch Sylvan so we could go to the movies.

And today it's been 3 years since I found out I was pregnant with S.

I got birthday cards and presents today in the mail (from Iceland) and some cd's and Norwegian magazines (Norsk Ukeblad), and of course Icelandic candy (yummi!!!).

Good night and


Beth said...

I LOVE all your entries! The cards are adorable and scrapbook pages top notch! A big thank-you for visiting my blog! Noticed that you are from Asheville. My sister lives in Brevard. When I visit her I always visit Sandy's Scrapbook Corner in Brevard. A wonderful shop. Are there anyother lss in Asheville or the surrounding area? Take care!

Bryndís H. said...

Til hamingju með daginn og vonandi verður dagurinn góður :) Báðar síðurnar eru rosa flottar og kortin litrík og falleg. Sniðugt að gefa sitthvort kortið.

Maria said...

Hi Hulda,

I love your scrapbook pages. I'm just starting to get into scrapbooking and your pages are great examples! The layouts are great! Your cards way cute too! FAbulous job!


Beth said...

Be sure to check out my blog today for a surprise!

Maria said...

Hi Hulda, I tagged you for the "Nice Matters" award because you are such a nice person.