Saturday, August 4, 2007

One card

I updated the last post a little bit. I decided to scan the cards instead of using the photos from my camera. I think they turn out better this way.

It's Saturday night and I still haven't done any scrapbooking like I said I would. I've made ONE card, I would have made more cards last night if I hadn't ran out of glue. I want to make a couple of sympathy cards for my son to give to the girls across the street. They lost their dad recently. Tonight I need to make a scrapbookpage for my challenge and if that doesn't take too long I'll make the sympathy cards, I've got the images ready.

But this is the card I made last night. It's a trifold, I wanted to have enough room for a couple of pictures on the inside. It's for my dad, his birthday is this monday, I know, he wont get it in time, but at least he'll get a couple of cute pictures of my DS in it and a gift. My parents haven't seen my DS in almost a year.
The paper is from The Paperloft and Stampin'Up, the stamp is from Rubber Soul.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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Bryndís H. said...

Kortin þín eru alltaf rosalega flott :) Mikið í þau varið!