Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday's cards

I managed to do two cards last night before my shoulder got way too bad. Tonight I'm going to take a break, eat some Ibuprofen and watch a movie. Tomorrow is my husbands day off from work so hopefully we'll do something fun.

Here are yesterday's cards:
Penguin card

I don't know how well you can see the crackle medium on this picture:

Snowmen card

I took a few close ups to get the crackle on this one too but can't tell wich one of these photos shows it best.

The patterned paper on the snowmen card is Bohemia from My Mind's Eye, from last years Christmas Collection.
If any of you are wondering why I hardly ever use sentiments the answer is quite simple, I send most of my cards to Iceland and I've only got a couple of stamps in Icelandic (Merry Christmas and Congratulations). Icelandic stamps are way too expensive for me :0

Christmas cards done 39/220



Helgaj said...

Geggjuð þessi kort líka, flott að sjá áferðina með Crackinu:O)

rosabjorg said...

Rosalega kemur þetta flott út með þessari áferð.

Músla said...

já vá þessi tækni er geggjuð ,kemur skemmtileg áferð á kortið

Bryndís H. said...

Æðislega flott kortin þín, þessi tækni er rosa flott!

stína fína said...

æðisleg mörgæsakortin :O)