Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jingle all the way

We've had helicopters flying over the neighborhood today, looking for the convict. My son thought it was awesome to see them fly over our house and notified us everytime one was approaching. I don't think they found him though.
I wasn't really in a cardmaking mood last night but since I have to make so many Christmas cards I just had to do a few of them and I managed to do 5 penguin cards. I got the stamp from Serendipity stamps and I made the snowflake background using a stamp from Memory Box. I also used a glitter roll pen to make the images shine a little bit. I used watercolor pencils to color the images, I need to get better ones, I can't decide if I should stick to watercolor pencils or try Prismacolors.

Tonight I didn't make any cards but I cut down paper for 12 cards and I've got the images ready too so I should get those done in the next few days. I promised my son we'd watch Stuart little tomorrow and I'm hoping I'll be able to so some coloring while we watch it, I need to make a few more penguin and snowman cards.

No. of Christmas cards I need to make: 220
No. of Christmas cards done: 24


Músla said...

ohh þessar mörgæsir eru geggt krúttlegar !!! geggjuð kort ,gangi þér vel í framleiðslunni

Ingunn said...

Ferlega krúttaðar mörgæsir :)

ekta jóla jóla kort.

þessir litir sem þú ert að tala um eru þetta vax litir eða trélitir eða tússlitir ???
ég nota tréliti sem ég bleytimeð blender frá Tombow.
Þegar ég lita mýs þá lita ég beint á stimpilinn með tússinu og lita svo inní með tré og blender.

gangi þér vel í framleiðslunni :)

helga l said...

ómæ ómæ hvað þetta er krúttað kort, geggjað flott hjá þér :)

Maria said...

220 cards, holy cow . . .that's a lot of cards. Well, you better get started!! Your penguin cards look fabulous! That's such a wonderful image and you did an awesome job coloring them!


Eygló said...

sæt jólakort;)

Helgaj said...

Gggjuð kort hjá þ´´er, þessar mörgæsir eru æði:O)