Thursday, September 6, 2007

A new header

I just got a new header for my blog!! What do you think??? Thorunn made is for me, she's got a blog in icelandic and she also does some great scrapbooking sketches that you can find here.

I'm going to try to make a card tonight....or even better, a few cards. My mom was asking me for more to sell. So I might blog again tonight, well, if not tonight then tomorrow!!!



Beth said...

Hulda- I was on my way to the post office today, and realized that I can't find the sticky note that had your address for the label. Could I please trouble you for your address once again ( I am so sorry for all chaos. Things are not usually not quite this bad around here (well, maybe they are-lol)!

ólöfbirna said...

Headerinn er bara flottur :)

Helgaj said...

Æðislegur haus á síðunni, ekki spurning um að ég myndi líka snúa uppá handlegginn á henni ef ég væri með svona blogg:O)