Saturday, September 22, 2007

A pirate card

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post another blog. I'll have plenty to show you anyway. Tonight I just made a pirate card. My son is going to a birthdayparty tomorrow and the theme will be "Pirates". It would have been perfect if I had bought the pirate stamp set from Stampin'Up....but of course I hadn't! So I had to google until I found an image I thought I could use and I think I found this on page 14. It's actually a part of a flag, the flag had 6 images on it but I only wanted to use 3 of them. This is the WEBSITE where I got it from.

The blue cardstock is Bazzill but the rest I don't know.
We drove to Charlotte yesterday and I thought we'd have to wait in lines and packed a bag full of books and stuff for my son in case he'd get bored waiting. But we got there at a good time, just before lunch, I had to fill out a form and then they took my picture and fingerprints. that took a few minutes because my right hand is kind of crooked and I can't move my fingers much. But in all I think this took maybe 15-20 minutes and then we were done! We drove 2 hours (one way) for that!!! Couldn't someone have done this here in Asheville??? In case you're new to this blog I am an immigrant (a legal one) and I have to get permanent recidency, I only got two years when I applied because my husband and I had not been married for 2 years or more. Well, since I didn't think we'd be able to do anything in Charlotte I had not looked up a scrapbook store in the neighborhood (have to do that next time we go to a big city). We walked around down town for a little bit and my hubby wanted to check out the library but I didn't feel like taking my 2 1/2 year old in there. I know my husband, he'll say we'll only stay there for maybe 45 minutes to an hour and by the time he's ready to leave we've been there for 3 hours. I like libraries but I would not get a chance to look at anything I'm intrested in with a two year old in my arms. So we just had lunch and drove back home.
Last night I started working on a scrapbook page and hopefully I'll be able to finish it tonight, just a few small things left to be done on it.
And tomorrow (Sunday) I'm going to a stamp camp and we're going to make Christmas cards!!!!! I probably wont be able to send those to Iceland so I'll take them to S.O.S. (Sanctuary of Stuff), the shop where I sell my cards here in NC.
I should get my SU start kit soon :) and I think I'll send in my first order this week!!!!
Anyway, I need to tidy up a little bit, my house is a mess, and maybe finish my scrapbook page before I go to bed!


MagZ Mjuka said...

cool kort :)

Svana Jóna said...

Ekkert smá flott, gaman að sjá svona kort :Þ

Bryndís H. said...

Flott kort :)

guðrúne said...

Flott kort, stráksi verður örugglega ánægður :-) Gott að það gekk vel með leyfið, endilega láta vita þegar þú ert tilbúin að taka á móti SU pöntunum :-)

Deb said...

This is a fabulous card, my youngest son would love it!