Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Searching for a house

My friend and neighbor called me the my last day in Minneapolis and informed me that our landlord had left a not on our door. He wants us to pay $50 more a month for a house that has no insulation, hasn't been painted in years and the bathtub might fall through the floor anyday now. We are not ready to pay more for it, we've lived here for 2 years and they have done absolutely nothing to fix the house, just take the check and ignore all complaints. I wanted to move out last year but my hubby didn't. It cost us $250+ a month over the wintertime to TRY to keep the house warm, and it's a small house!!! We got back from our little vacation on Monday morning and decided we're going to find a new place. The problem is, we've only got until the end of this month left on our lease, which gives us a week to find a new place and move out. The landlord didn't give us much time!!! I guess he thought we'd just pay what they want. The thing is too, that the landlord (or his socalled Christian wife) had tried to get our ex neighbor to pay them some money ($50 a month for 2 years) after she moved out. She's a widow and has two young girls. Of course she's not going to pay them, they kept her deposit and they don't have any right to ask her for more money. But doesn't it seem odd that they then ask us to pay that same amount of money a month????
Anyway, I just can't stand those people right now, they make me angry!
So now I've started packing our stuff and I've got 3 boxes of SU stuff to take to their owners. I better not get everything mixed up ;) I've been using empty SU boxes to pack my things in. I'm so glad that I usually keep all boxes I get, it sure makes my packing easier.
All this stuff doesn't stop me from stamping though. I'm working on a christmas card I'm doing for a swap. I signed up for a Swap on SCS before I knew I had to move out. And I don't like it when people sign up for something and then back out when it's time to send whatewver they signed up to do. I don't have a picture to show you right now but hopefully I'll have one before the weekend. I can tell you that I'll be using white, grey and black!!!! My cousin asked if I could come up with a card fot her using those colors and I've got a few ideas I'm working on too!
What do you think about that color combo? Do you think I'll be able to design a card my cousin would like???


Ingunn said...

hvítt , grátt og svart er geggjuð blanda og alveg hægt að gera flott kort úr því :)

Vonandi kemur eitthvað útúr húsnæðismálunum í dag svo þið getið FLUTT !!!!

knú Ingunn

Ijsbeer said...

Good luck! Is that legal? Both keeping the depoist without good reason and raising the rent, without being able to prove the value/costs have become higher sounds stechy!

Jan Scholl said...

you need to check wit hthe city to see what the legal end of this is. My daughter ran into a similar situation here in Michigan and she ended up being awarded several hundred dollars after. You as a rentor have rights too. and they cannot keep your deposits unless they have proof to why they should. and they have to give you 30 days notice just as you would them. dont be bamboozled. the economy sucks all over and some will try to take advantage. did you know you could have put your rent into escrow until the problems/complaints were resolved?