Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another gray card

I have to admit I kind of like those colors together, but I'm going to add a little bit of color to my cards though. I've made a couple of cards that I really like but now both of my cameras are acting up. My old one turns it self on and off so the batteries run out and last night I was carrying so much candy (and other stuff) when we got home from the Halloween party we went to, that I dropped the new camera. I had it out because I wanted to take a picture of our Jack'O'Lantern. Well, now it'll turn on but I get a message that there is a zoom error. I've had that happen before and I was able to fix it but haven't been able to do it now. I'll have to wait to post my pictures until I've gone to Target or Walmart and put them on a cd.

I'll see what I can do today. But for now I'll show you this card. I made it last week, the image is from StampingBella.

I used Crackle Medium from Ranger, Stickles and my Glitter gelly roll pen from Sakura. the paper is SU. Embossed with my Cuttlebug. The sentiment says Merry Christmas.

What do you think about my DS? I took him to one of out favorite places here in Asheville and snapped some pictures for the Chrismas cards.
Doesn't he look older than 2 1/2?
We are still looking for a new place. We had found one that we liked but I guess the landlord didn't want a two year old as a tenant. The realtor was going to ask them if it was ok if a two year old would live there and then contact us, well she never called back so I guess we wont get that house. I've got a small list of phonenumbers I want my husband to call, we'll see if I can get himmotivated. He just wants to stay here,but I hate this house, I don't want to spend another year trying to clean it, no matter how much I try it never looks clean, the floors have stains that don't come off. And with the fuelprizes the way they are now it's probably going to cost us close to $300 a month to keep it warm. Which is insane for a house this small.
Well, anyway, I'll see if I can fix my cameras and show you some more cards tonight.


Bryndís H. said...

Flott kort ...og strákurinn er bara sætastur :)

Músla said...

geggjaðar kúlur og kortið flott i þessum litum

snúlli er auda algjör moli

stína fína said...

æðisleg kort,sylvan bara dætur :O)

Helgaj said...

Geggjuð kort!!!
....og Sylvan audda sætastur:O)

Guðrúne said...

Æðislega flott kort. Svolítið síðan ég kíkti á þig síðan og vá hvað þú ert búin að gera mikið af flottum kortum undanfarið. Hvert öðru flottara. Sylvan náttúrulega algjör dúlla, þarf varla að taka það fram ;-)

Helga said...

Æðisleg kortin og myndirnar af Sylvan flottar :D

Leiðinlegt að heyra með myndavélina :( vonandi er hægt að redda þessu.... krossa putta og tær að þið fáið nú frábært hús ;)