Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Today was so exhausting for me. I took my DS to have his picture taken for the christmas cards and I don't think I have had to fight with my son like that before. He decided he was afraid of the table he had to sit on and the flash. He's 2 1/2. He cried and screamed and would not sit down. We tried everything, I even got him a toy and told him he could play with it when he was done getting his picture taken....and we just barely got 6 pictures og him and he's not smiling in any of them. And when we got home he got to play with his helicopter....for a few minutes or until he started acting like a brat and I took it away and hid it from him. He'll forget about it and get it for Christmas I think. We took him out to ride his tricycle in the afternoon and I got a couple of cute pictures. I picked out oner of him to show you and one of the scene, itðs at French Broad River Park here in Asheville. My son is wearing an icelandic Wool Jacket knitted by my mom!

I did make a few cards yesterday, only two designs though.

The stamp is from Stampingbella, I used markers from SU and Marvy (I couldn't find my Real Red marker). Old olive paper from SU and the designer paper is from Heidi Grace designs. Red stickles.

The snowman and the snowflakes are a part of a clear stamp set that I got at A. C. Moore, I'll have to go there to find out the manufacturer. I used SU markers, SU paper (mellow moss and old olive) and Heidi Grace again. And stickles!!!
Now I'm off to maker a couple of birthday cards, it midnight already but I squeezed in a nap late this afternoon, had to rest my shoulder from my fight with my DS.



stína fína said...

alveg æðislega flott kort :O)

Músla said...

kortin er æði og sætar myndirnar ,leðinlegt að hann skyldi vera sona hræddur grey kallinn

hannakj said...

ææ greyið Sylvan hjá ljósmyndara. Ferlega flott kort og myndirnar!!

Helga said...

Geggjuð kort :)

Eygló said...

Er Sylvan farinn að líkjast frænda sínum svolítið í þessu.. Flóvent var eina barnið sem brosti ekki á leikskólamyndinni.. hann var hræddur við "stóru" myndavélina sem ljósmyndarinn var með;)
Annars hafði hann áhyggjur af litla bróður sínum í dag af því að ég fór með hann til læknis (jamm Flóvent er hræddur við lækna).. litli bróðirinn er kominn með eyrnabólgu greyið.. Flóvent vill reyndar núna fá meðal alveg eins og litli bróðir.. ;)
Eníveis.. flott kortin, ég hef heyrt að þær sem keyptu af mömmu hafi alveg misst sig og helst bara viljað kaupa allt upp;)
Bið að heilsa S og V..

Maria said...

Awww your son is a cutie! I remember those days when my kids had to take pictures. My daughter was a afraid of Santa and would scream like crazy.

Your cards are fabulous! Very pretty!


Bryndís said...

Æ krúslukallinn að vera svona hræddur. Það er margt ógnvekjandi þegar maður er svona lítill í henni veröld ;) Myndin af honum er samt flott og kortin þín eru nottla mjög flott :)