Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Are all of you going to wake up early in the morning to go shopping???
I'm planing on sleeping in....well, at least until my DS wakes me up. This morning it was really hard to get up with him, he decided in the middle of the night that he needed some water, which is fine, I usually leave a cup of water in the crib with him when he goes to bed. Except last night he didn't want that cup of water, he wanted me to go get another cup....which I did not see any reason to do so he kept whining about it....until he got this great idea that it probably was time to get up.....and it was still dark outside. I did my best to ignore him, no need to get up in the middle of the night, but man was I tired when I finally gave 8 am. That's about the time we usually get up anyway.

We went to Aunt and Uncle's place in Weaverville for Thanksgiving Lunch and had so much fun. It was cold and rainy but all the boys played outside for a while, this part of the family has mostly boys, of the kids there was only one girl and 5 boys, would have been 8 boys if all had been there.

Well, I sure did have a nice meal and a good time. Now I've sent my boys off and plan do make some cards....or do some packing, iy looks like we might start moving our stuff as soon as Monday! We're moving to Fairview!

Here's a card I made last night:

The base is a transparency sheet. The designer paper is from Heidi Grace Designs, I also used Not Quite Navy and Whisper White cardstock and stamped the image (Lovely as a Tree from SU) with Not Quite Navy. Pretty simple!!
I hope you all had a great day and be safe when you go shopping, don't get into any fights!!!


stína fína said...

geggjað svo flottir litir :O)

Bryndís H. said...

Glæsilegt kort hjá þér!!

Músla said...

aleg geggjað kort !!!!

Svana Jóna said...

Geggjað kort hjá þér :Þ

Þórdís Guðrún said...

æðislegt kort