Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another hAnglar card

I don't have this stamp myself but I got a few "copies" of it to use on my Christmas cards. I used SU watercolor pencils and SU pastels to color the image. And I used Crystal Effects from SU to adhere the glitter to the image.
The glitter is from Martha Stewart, I've tried the MS glittering glue but I don't like it all that much. The designer paper is SU too. I really like this card and have already sent it to whom ever I thought it was perfect for (she reads this blog so I can't mention her name).
My DS has had a bad cold now since Tuesday and now my DH has got it too and he's even worse to be around when he's sick. My DS mostly messed up his sleeping routine.....and mine too, he'll wake up in the middle of the night ready to get up and then late in the afternoon he'll get so tired he falls asleep and takes a long nap....just so we hang out the whole evening together (when I usually get my stamping and a lot of the housework done. And now I can feel the cold is getting me too, yikes! well, at least I finally got the Christmaspresents to Iceland in the mail, tomorrow will be dedicated to writing Christmascards, hope DH will be feeling better so he won't back out, he writes at least half the cards.
Anyway, have a nice Sunday everyone, I'm going to bed early tonight....that's my way of fighting a cold, rest plenty when you feel it coming.


Músla said...

þetta er geggajð flott kort og myndin kemur rosa vel út

Bryndís H. said...

Glæsilegt kort!

stína fína said...

alveg geggjað flott :O)

Anonymous said...

Æðisleg kort hjá þér.

Kveðja, Inga skrappari