Monday, December 3, 2007


I am so glad this weekend is over. We moved from Asheville to Fairview, only 10 min. away from where we lived before. The new house is bigger, the lighting is so much better, I can actually see what I'm doing. It has been painted in ther last couple of years. I don't know how many years it's been since the other house was painted. The only bad thing I can say about this house is that we're going to have to get cable tv, we can't reach any tv channels.

My son defenitely sleeps better in here, he's got a bedroom of his own now and doesn't have to listen to my snoring *LOL*.

I don't have any cards to show you right now but I am working on cards for a couple of Swaps on SCS. I will share a picture of my house and a photo of my son taken on Thanksgiving.

We gave the keys back to our old landlord today, and told him there's about $150 worth of fuel in the furnis and the house was way cleaner than when we got it two years ago and all he could say was that we should have done something about the leaves. We have cleaned the yard a few times this fall and this weekend it has been pretty windy so there were some leaves in the backyard. And then he said we would get our deposit back when he finds other tenant for the house. That can't be legal, can it? What if he wont find anyone in the next 6 months....are we supposed to wait that long for our money???? I wasn't there when he told my husband, I would have said something that's for sure, because I know that he and his wife will do everything to not pay the money back.



Jan Scholl said...

30 days to issue your deposit or inform you otherwise. Check your lease or contact the city or county as he has to be liscensed. Dont let him pull crap on you. My daughter had landlord issues and she took him to court, got her deposit back and court costs and the pay she missed.

Anonymous said...

this is not right, my daughter has moved from three apartments in the past two years going to better places each time. She received her deposit immediately and when she left I went in and cleaned from top to bottom. The landlord couldn't say enough good things about how we had left the place. By the sounds of things you are better off getting away from there. It has been a very windy season, who can keep up with the leaves!!??