Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cameo Coral, Purely Pomegranate and Sahara Sand

I dug out my Wild About You stampset today (Stampin'Up) and In The Spotlight (Stampin'Up retired hostess set). The WAY set is one of my favorite SU stampsets, I think I'll keep it forever. The ITS set on the other hand has been one that I have hardly used because I just couldn't come up with anything. But today I decided I'd give it a chance. And I have to say I'm satisfied with what I came up with. I think these can pass as Valentine's Cards even.
I made the background pattern with the ITS set, I think it turned out ok. And did you notice I did not use Crystal effects or Martha Stewart Glitter!!! Amazing isn't it!!! I have to admit I was tempted to use both though!
Here's a birthday card using just ITS and the same colors as the other cards.
Pretty simple. I'm not sure if I made the right move by using Sahara Sand under "Til Hamingju" (which means Congratulations).
I know I talked about using some of my new stamps...I did actually use them too, just didn't wantg to show everything at the same time.
But I have to say I really like this color combo!
What do you think???


BeggaHuna said...

ekkert smá sæt :)

hannakj said...

vá æðislega sætt kort!!!

Jóhanna Björg said...

Rosalega flott litadsamsetning hjá þér og kortin frábært, finnst einmitt fíllinn svo sætur

Jóhanna Björg said...

Rosalega flott litarsamsetning hjá þér og kortin frábært, finnst einmitt fíllinn svo sætur

MagZ Mjuka said...

ótrúlega flott samsetning á þessum líka og falleg kort. Svo gaman að skoða kortin þín...og men ó men hvað mig vantar mikið meira SU dót!