Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Monday

Christmas in Iceland is officially over now...I guess I better put my Christmastree away then. And put all the Christmas stuff up in the attic (not sure how to write that word). It feels good to have a place to store things now. We didn't have that at the old house, except for a mud basement.....or a cricket chamber like my DH and DS call it.
We didn't make it to Tennessee on New Years Eve like we usually do but we made up for it today. We spent the whole day with our friends there, but since they have jobs to go to in the morning and school, we just drove home tonight. Good 12 hours today! I didn't get to go to the scrapbookstore in Sevierville/Pigeon Forge no money spent today except on food and gas ;)
I've made a couple of cards this weekend. I got so inspired by Lauraly's card that I had to try out her technique. And I tried out my Bronc Buster from SU for the first time too!

I used this technique on a few other images (from Wild about you and Fabulous Flowers) but need to finish those cards and upload pictures of them. Maybe I'll get time to work on those tomorrow night. I've got some serious cleaning to do and a couple of orders to take care of.
I got a small box of Prismacolors yesterday (12 count, but with different colors than I already had) and I did some coloring last night. Hopefully I can use those images soon too.
Well, I don't have much to say today, it's late and I should be in bed. Am taking DS to the mall tomorrow to let him play in the playarea while DH goes to the chiropractor (being 6'8" has taken it's toll on his back). I'll hopefully have another post in a couple of days.
Happy Monday to y'all!


~E said...

hahaha.. passaði að jólapakkinn kom til mín daginn eftir að jólunum lauk;)
Takk fyrir mig!

Jill said...

Great card!

MagZ Mjuka said...

vá þetta er svo flott! Smart áferðin á stjörnunum. Er þetta UTEE eða crystal effect? :)

Hulda said...

Crystal Effects ;)