Friday, February 8, 2008

Case dismissed

The judge got 15 min. to hear our side and their side today before deciding what to do. Well our so very good Christian former landlords had no problems lying in court. They blamed us for stains on the kitchen floor that probably had been there for many years because when we first moved in I spent hours on trying to wash those stains off. They talked about some other stuff that were wrong with the house that had nothing to do with us. They did not mention anything that we had fixed and offered to fix.
Apparently we never had a chance to get that money back because according to the Judge we broke a lease that was already up, by staying an extra month after the lease was up. Well, what do you do when you get 10 days notice that they're going to raise the rent....!

But the second best thing fort us was exactly what the judge did, he dismissed the case. He decided not to make us pay for those classified ads that our landlords had to keep in the paper for 6 weeks.....why would that be our job to pay for those.....if they'd fix the house they'd have no problem renting it out again because of the location!!!

Well, our next step is to send the other tenants a letter about how the landlords do their business, who to contact if the apartments aren't up to code and what to do to get their deposit back...which is only pay a part of the last months rent and let the deposit cover the rest.

Well, we've learned a few lessons from this experience and I tell you, if being a good Christian means behaving like those two people (that claim to be good Christians) I don't want to a Christian!

Fortunately I know not all Christians are like that....but those who brag about it most likely are.

It doesn't matter how often you pray or go to Church....what makes you a good person and a good Christian is how you treat other people!

Well, anywho, my DS is still sick....although he might think otherwise....his thing nowadays is to never agree with anything we say or do!!! I did get permission to finish a couple of cards I had started:
Well, this one I actuallt did a couple of days ago. The image is from the same stampset as the birds in my last post. The sentiment is from Rubber Soul. My DH really liked this one. It's just a signle layer card. I used Timber Brown Stazon ink and I embossed the lines using my bonefolder and my papertrimmer.
I've had this image ready for a couple of weeks now. I used my Prismacolors to color it in. A little but of Crystal effects, glitter and liquid pearls. The designer paper is from my scrap stash. It's a birthdaycard for one of my nephews.
Well, I'm off to read a few blogs and check out Splitcoast.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Tejal said...

Glad things turned out ok..I do agree, that your behavior has to be good, better than preaching about your religion. Actions always speak louder than words!

I love the mouse image! its all so glittery and sparkly..I love it..since I love bling!!

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