Saturday, February 16, 2008

Messy but fun

I've been having so much fun trying out a new technique in the last couple of days. My hands are covered in ink (I don't like gloves too much, I can only use them on one hand anyway). I had such a hard time finding black ink that would stamp good on the glossy paper. My problem too was that I wasn't using outline stamps, I wanted to use solid stamps but they don't turn out good. I tried Stazon, Basic Black SU and Brilliance Graphite black and the last one turned out the best.
Here's one of the cards I've done today:

I used Purely Pomegranate and Wild Wasabi ink refills on the glossy paper (glossy white from SU), Brilliance Graphite Black ink for the image, white CS from Walmart (embossed with my Cuttlebug), Purely Pomegranate CS and Ribbon and I got the pendant on clearance in the bead section at Michael's.
We've got no plans for tomorrow so hopefully I'll get a chance to make a couple of cards and maybe, just maybe, the movie my DH and I are waiting to rent will actually be available! It's been out for 11 days now and the evenings my DH has off the movie has been rented out to someone else and our video store doesn't carry it :(
My DS is doing a lot better now, but while he's been sick he's done a lot of drawing and is getting quite good for his age (2 years and 10 months).
He named this creature Rainbow and was drawing her some Ice Cream and Hamburgers there to the right. I've posted more pictures on my other blog. There's one of a horse eating hay that I think is just awesome. He uses his MagnaDoodle a lot so I have to keep the camera close by in case he draws a masterpiece! ;)
Have a nice Sunday!

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