Friday, February 1, 2008

MFT cards and Dahlia

Just a quick post before I go to bed. I made a couple of cards today using stampsets from MFT. the Designer Paper and cardstock are from Stampin'Up. I colored the images with my Prismacolors.
Rain or Shine
Baby it's cold
I signed up for two spots in a MFT card swap on SCS and I think I'll use these cards. I've made 6 copies of the Rain or Shine card and I've got the paper ready for the Baby it's cold card.
There's not much stamping on this card. I only used half of the Dahlia flower (4 pieces of 8) on this card. I made the circles too bit for a regular card size, not by accident though. I made a tutorial for my card club using these pieces and I figured it would be easier to take pictures of bigger pieces. I plan on doinng more Dahlia cards, hopefully this weekend. This is my first attempt, I've seen some gorgeous Dahlia cards that I might have to CASE.
I'll be back with some more stuff this weekend. While everyone is stucked to the TV watching SuperBowl on Sunday I'll either be making cards or reading blogs.
I don't watch football, at least not American football. If it was European football (soccer) I might watch a few minutes of it, that is if I had TV channels.....which I don't.
Well, I'm off to bed.


Músla said...

glæsileg kort að vanda

Helgaj said...

Alltaf jafn glæsileg kortin þín:O)

Svana Jóna said...

Æðisleg kort hjá þér :Þ

stína fína said...

alveg geggjuð þú ert sko algjör korta snillingur :O)

MagZ Mjuka said...

alveg æðisleg kort! :D

hannakj said...

vá vá geggjuð kort!!!!!