Monday, March 31, 2008

Fruit Stand and a bad movie

I was going to post last night, after I watched a movie with my husband, but I was too "upset". We watched a movie called Pathfinder. It's really violent, it's about Vikings and Indians fighting. The story was fiction and I knew that from the beginning. The movie starts and the Indians speak English.....not that they knew English at the time. Then we get to see the Vikings, who are barbarians killing everyone they lay their eyes on.....! Well, the movie was meant to be violent so that's what to expect. The real Vikings spoke Old Norse back in those days and the closest language to Old Norse is Icelandic (my language). Well....instead of having the Vikings just speak English like the Indians or finding 3 guys (for the lead Viking rolls) that actually know some Icelandic, they had three Americans that obviously did not know the language trying their best to speak Icelandic. Which would be ok if they only had to say a few words....! I'm telling you, this violent and dark movie turned into a comedy for me. I spent most of the time trying to understand the Vikings....they were speaking Icelandic but their accent was so thick that sometimes I couldn't understand a word. What do you think Western fans would think if they saw a Jesse James movie and all the cowboys had a thick Chinese accent????

Well, I didn't even finish watching the movie! I do not recommend anyone spending a dime on renting it...if you're thirsty for blood though....use a coupon code!
Well, now that I've got that off my chest...*lol*

Here's the card I was going to post:

I colored the image with my SU watercolor pencils and a blenderpen and sponged around it, I think I used Close to Cocoa for the sponging (I made the card last week).

Stamps: Fruit Stand
Paper: Chocolate Chip, Perfect Plum
Ink: Timber Brown Stazon
Accessories: ribbon, Cuttlebug
Techniques: dry embossing (Cuttlebug)
I'm not sure where the patterned paper is from, I must have used the piece that had the info on the back.
I'll be working on some SU stuff today, my parents will be here in a couple of weeks and I want to have everything done before they get here so I only have to post my blogs.
Check out what I came up with, using Bloomin' Beautiful, on my SU BLOG, I appreciate all comments ;)


stína fína said...

meiriháttar flott kort :O)

Jill said...

Bad movies are the pits but at least you have a gorgeous card to share! :)

Paula said...

Cuttlebug! Don't you just love those little machines. Looking for ideas as I just bought mine. Adding yours to my list of great ideas!