Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bloomin' Beautiful

I made this card earlier this week for my mom to take with her. My cousin was celebrating her birthday tonight and my mom thought she could use it.

This card has a small bag inside it where you can put something small, like a jewelry box in....or candy, or money etc.

All the material, except for the bag, is from Stampin'Up!

We have been pretty busy this week. We drove to a small place here in NC called Kona, I'm not sure if it's in Yancey county or not, but it's not too far from Burnsville. I took this picture of my DS there, he's wearing my dad's hat. you can see the Great Smokies in the background.
On Thursday we drove to Atlanta to take my parents to the airport. We met up with my DS's cousin and her chorus group at The World of Coca-Cola and did the tour.
It was fun to see something in Icelandic (the diamond). We then went to Hard Rock Cafe and I have never experienced restaurant staff as stupid as the staff at Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta. I know it's not nice to call people stupid...but when you experience one waitress after another not being able to seat 6 people together and actually have seats for all six....even the manager didn't do his math right, they kept taking us to tables with only 4 seats. The problem was that we wanted to have dinner with DS's cousin without taking her away from her group, you know, sit at a table as close to the group as possible and it was like we totally messed up their day (the staff's day). They ended up putting up a table on the stage, not with the group, and we only got 4 seats, we actually had to pull a table we found next to ours so we could all sit down to eat.
Well, I have to say, I don't really like Atlanta after this trip. We stayed at a hotel not too far from the airport, well, all the reastaurants nearby closed pretty early, there were no grocery stores nearby (we almost got lost looking for one), but there were 3 gas stations so we were able do buy drinks and something to snack on. And we managed to get out of Atlanta before lunch traffic started. The traffic there is horrible, we always drive through there when we drive to Florida.
Anyway, my parents are back in Iceland now and my poor little boy can't get enough attention from his mom, he was driving me insane today. He got so used to having someone showing him attention every second in the last couple of weeks.
Well, that's enough complaining. I'll be posting on my SU BLOG tomorrow. I had planned to do it tonight but then I realized that I hadn't taken pictures of a couple of cards I made this week for that post and had to make new cards tonight because I sent the other ones to Iceland with my mom. So be sure to check in tomorrow.

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