Sunday, April 6, 2008


...and the coolest train!
DS woke up early this morning because he's so excited about the birthdayparty we're going to today. So I figured I would post a blog, we've still got a couple of hours to spare before we hit the road.

One of the blogs I always look forward to reading is Taylor's Cupcake blog on Fridays. She's got a challenge going on right now and I decided to give it a try. I can't upload my card to SCS because it's Sunday but I will tomorrow.
I had this cupcake ready colored and waiting to be used. It's the cupcake from my Cupcakeabella stamp, I cut poor Bella off because the image was too big with here on it.
There colors are white (cardbase), groovy guava, ruby red, old olive and chocolate chip. I colored the cupcake in with my Prismacolors and used my Crystal Effects to adhere Martha Stewart glitter to the icing.
And now to "the coolest train!" (my DS named his painting that):
I think this is pretty good for his age (3 yrs). It's got the wheels and whatever it is that connects the wheels. It's the first time he paint something you can actually guess what it is. But he's done a whole bunch of nice drawings on his Magnadoodle.
Well, I'm off to take a shower.....DS keeps pushing me to do that, he thinks we can go to the birthdayparty as soon as everyone has taken their showers. He wanted to have a bath even before his breakfast this morning....before 8 am!
Have a nice day everyone!


Taylor VanBruggen said...

So cute! Great colors and I love how you continued the ribbon beyond your circle embellishment on the left! Thanks for playing my sketch challenge!

chelemom said...

Love your cupcake card!!! so cute! And your son't painting is adorable....he DID an awesome job!

Joan and Amy said...

The card is the cupcake!!! Joan

Eygló said...

Þetta er líka the coolest train að mínu mati.. Flóvent gerir nú aðallega bara strik og hringi sem allt eiga að vera bátar og sjór;Þ