Thursday, May 29, 2008

Survivor round 4

Please ignore the comments to my last post....the first one is plain CRAP (excuse my language). This blog is not political, it does not support any groups other than "Crafters of all sorts". If I believed an earthquake could happen because of something someone said or did I'm sure my former landlord better stay under a table or in a doorway because one might just hit his house! (for what he's done to every single tenant he's had). ;)

But this was not going to be my subject, and if anyone knows how to delete comments feel free to "walk me through it" step by step, because I can't figure it out.
I've made it to round 4 (just barely) in the Scrap Survivor at my icelandic scrapbooking forum. And now we had to make a cardsketch, a page sketch and make a card and a LO using our sketches. Here's what I came up with:
We were to use eiether orange or purple as our main colors on the cards. I could have used both but ended up choosing orange.
the DP is from my scrap stash (Fancy Pants perhaps???)
I flipped the cardsketch. I made this card for this weeks MagnoliaChallenge too. I used Crystal Effects and Martha Stewart Glitter and I think I colored Tilda in with my Prismacolors (it's been a while since I did the coloring).
Here's my page sketch. We were supposed to make a sketch for 3 photos and have doodling and flowers on it. Well, I don't have photoshop so I had to use Paint, and I don't have a mouse or a pen to draw with so I had to use my finger on that small space on the laptop.
Here's the LO
I used Bazzill, Basic Grey and My Mind's Eye DP. I love taking pictures of my DS at the playground, that day he was too excited though...and teasing me and wouldn't stop running. But the photos that weren't blurry were actually pretty good. I've got a couple more that I want to use someday. Now I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope I'll make it to round 5.
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