Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More blog candy

Check out these blogs and the candy they're offering!!! Yummmmmmiiii!

I have added them to my bloglist here to the right. These Norwegian girls are very creative. And for those of you who don't read or speak Norwegian, they do write in English too!

Tejal nominated me for an award.

The rules are:

1. Use the twinks bank icon

2. Only 5 people allowed to be nominated

3. 4 of the 5 have to dedicated followers of your blog

4. 1 is to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world

5. You must link back to whomever gave you the award.
Well, I don't know who are dedicated followers on my blog, I've got a handfull of subscribers but don't know their blogs. But here we go:

Thank you Tejal. I do check in on you but my dial up usually has a hard time when I try to comment, I experience that a lot unfortunately....but when you only have a $5 connection that's to be expected I guess *lol*

Have a nice day everyone!


ANGELO said...

Thanks for joining my blog candy! I wish you good luck!!
Kristin :)

Tesa (Therese) said...

Thank you so very much for your award :o)

CarolinesGlede said...

Thank you for joining my bog candy!! :) Good Luck!!

Tejal said...

With the amount of blogs I read daily, its difficult to comment on each and every one....But I do once in a while check back to see what's happening..and I hold no grudges...knowing that you're reading my blog is good enough :)


Bryndís said...

Hei...ég var ekki búin að reka augun í þetta :) Takk kærlega fyrir mig :) Nú þarf ég að koma þessu á bloggið mitt :)