Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas cards

I tried to post here last Saturday but my connction keeps teasing me here on Blogger. It keeps disconnecting. I don't have dial-up anymore so it should just stay connected. I had everything ready to post and lost everything because it disconnected and I didn't know what to do :0 But I do now, so I should be safe ;)
Here's a Magnolia card I made a while back. I used my SU ink to color in the image. the sentiment is a retired stamp from SU and the background is made with a star from Scandinavian season from SU. I have to say I regret putting the snowflakes on there, big mistake!
The Christmastree here is from Scandinavian Season from SU. I don't know where the little person is from, I think it's so adorable though. I got it in a swap.
I've been making a lot of Christmas cards since I got home from Iceland and I'll start posting them soon.
My DS and I had a great time in Iceland. We even got a little bit of snow and I got to see Northern lights (aurora borealis) again, they are always amazing.
Here's a picture of my DS. He wasn't too happy to pose for me.
And this picture was taken at my parent's summerhouse. I went there for a weekend with my twinsister and our friends.
The snow was so glittery...looked almost fake. But it was very pretty!
Well, I'm going to post this before I loose it again, I'll be back later this week with more Christmas cards ;)

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Eveline said...

Hi Hulda, glad to see you're home again and showing new cards.
BTW it says september 26th on your blog.