Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas card and a LO

I tried writing a blog last Wednesday but gave up because my DS wouldn't leave me alone for one second, so I gave up before I even got pictures uploaded. Well, if I had known my laptop was getting sick I would have tried to stay focused. But instead I let DS play a Blue's Clues game and the computer froze and we haven't been able to use it since then. It wont stay shut down unless we take the battery out and if we turn it on we can get to the desktop and that's it, it just freezes. So now I'm using our old laptop and using dial-up again. And I can't do anything online. I can't read blogs...or at least not see the pictures, I can't see half of the websites I usually read because they're made for high speed connections. And on top of that we can't reach any tv channels and don't have cable. So I'm all by my lonesome every night my DH works. Don't you feel terribly sorry for me? I can't even use Facebook!!!!
I feel so sorry for myself...*lol* But I am so glad I had been smart enough to burn a few files to a CD, including a few projects for my blogs. And I got them of the CD to this laptop today.
I only got a couple of handmade cards this Christmas and here is one of them:

I got it from a friend in Sweden, Veronica. I think the image is from hAnglar & stAnglar. I think she did a great job coloring the image in. The designer paper is from Basic Grey (I'm pretty sure!). She also sent me a bunch of images that I've been trying out my Prismacolor Markers on. I'll post some of those soon. I just need a couple more color so they won't all look the same ;) I've only got 10 markers and I'm very slowly adding to my collection.
I also wanted to show you a LO I made. I sometimes sign up to participate in a game at the Icelandic Scrapbook forum and earlier this month I did that just for fun. This time it started out with a sketch and we had a few groups of 5 people each (if I'm correct) and the first person in each group got a sketch to follow. The next person in line got a picture of the LO the first person made and had to scraplift that LO. And the scraplift was sent to the 3r person and so on. Well, I was no. 4 I think in my group and I would love to show you the LO's from the first person to the last....but that forum is one of the things I can't look at with this horrible connection, so you'll only get to see my LO.

I just love this picture I took of my DS between Christmas and New Year. He probably spent an hour climbing and I got a lot of good shots. But I like this one the best because he's only got the sky behind him. I used paper from my Basic Grey stash, May Art ribbon (I think I'm correct on that one, I got them in a swap)and from a RAK I received this fall. The sentiment is a stamp from Stampin'Up. The buttons are from two different RAKs I've received in the past. The jumbo eyelets are from Stampin'Up.
Pretty simple but colorful :)
Now I'm just hoping and praying that this computer won't get the flu or I'll go insane!!!
Have a great week!

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