Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas LO

well, the new year didn't start out to good. My husband and I both got a stomach flu. His was way worse than mine, I'm not going into any details. I just had the worst stomach ache that kept me awake every night, and it seemed like every night, when I had just fallen asleep, my DS woke up from having a nightmare. But since we can't afford for both of us to take sick days from work, I forced myself to go. I even took an extra shift yesterday but I was so tired that I slept 'til lunch today!!!
I did manage somehow, last Friday, to make a scrapbook page. I don't know where I found the energy to do it, but here it is:

The papers and embellishments (except that fiber/thread/wire....whatever it's called) are from the Alpine Frost collection from SEI. The pattern paper is so pretty, it's shimmery. I took the picture after my DS and I had trimmed the Christmas tree. And now I have to put all the Christmas decorations back in the boxes :( and I've told myself I'm not going to make a card until I get that done :o
We have not made it to Tennessee yet and wont be going until the 17th of January, and I'm hoping I can get my DH to stop at the scrapbookstore in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge ;)
I've got a busy week ahead, inventory at work tomorrow and I'm working Thursday, Friday and Saturday too. I learned a good trick at work last Saturday, someone had tried on a Ralph Lauren shirt and stuck their pink bubble gum on the sleeve!!! Well, what to do, what to do??? No freezer to put the shirt in, but my colleage in the jewelry department handed me some rubbing alcohol, I rubbed it on the inside of the sleeve, right under the chewing gum, and it came stains!!!
I don't get why people do things like these at a store.
well, I better get to packing my Christmas stuff, there's a new challenge over at Skrappi{kort}er....and it's in English too! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Love it! I like how the snowflakes are scattered about! The colors are great!
Hope you are feeling much better too.
Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)

Maria said...

Hi Hulda!! I'm sorry to hear that you and your husband are sick. I hope you both feel better soon! Wow, despite being sick you managed to make a fabulous layout! It's so pretty. It inspires me work on my layouts which I'm so behind on!! Argggh!