Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A baby in October!

Instead of November! Well, my baby had a mind of it's own and decided to enter the world a few weeks early (about 5 weeks). Early last Thursday morning (just before 3 am) I woke up as my water broke and we rushed to the hospital. I was supposed to have a planned c-section so we did not hang around and wait for my contractions to start. 3 hours later my baby boy was born. He's in NICU now, trying to gain weight and control his body temperature. I got out of the hospital on Sunday, could have gone home on Saturday, that's how great my recovery has been. I'm doing good as long as I take it slow. I spend about 4 hours a day at NICU with my son, even if he's just sleeping, I just want to be there, I just bring my knitting with me.

Enough of the chit chat, here are a couple of pics of my little prince, Theodor Jesse

This one was taken during the weekend, he had pulled his oxygen out and pulled his hat off.
This pic was taken on Monday. Had pulled his IV of the back of his hand and the nurse put it on his head instead. Here he's off the oxygen.
He's so tiny, he weighed 5 lbs. (2260 gr) at birth and was 19 inches long (48.5 cm).
We don't know when he gets to come home to us, it all depends on how good he eats and if he can keep himself warm.
I'll post a Christmas card here sometime in the next few days...if my brain allows me....today I started pumping for milk and forgot to attach a bottle to the pump! *lol*


Veronica said...

Grattis!! till er nya lilla kille!
Åh så söt han är!

Hoppas han snart får komma hem så att ni får vara tillsammans hemma hela familjen!

Grattis igen från Stockholm, Sweden

/Veronica Ylander

Stefan said...


Well you and your Christmas cards, he must have got him confused, thought it was around the corner and didn´t want to miss it ;)

Has your mother arrived?

Ehemm, by the way have you got a name for the little one? I can lend him mine you don't got one :)


Eveline said...

Congratulations on the birth of your son. I checked in to see if you posted another card. Never expected to see pictures of your son!! I hope he does well and can go home with you soon.

Tejal said...

Congrats! he's certainly a darling..

Tejal said...

Congrats! he's certainly a darling..

Tonje said...

Congratulation with you little sweet son! He weighs the same as my little daughter was when she was born 6.5 weeks early. I know how tiny that is. He is so beautiful and I bet you can't wait untill you can get him home with you!