Saturday, February 26, 2011


I made this set of cards a couple of weeks ago and have not done much since then, I have to admit. Well, at least not when it comes to card making.

I used Echoes of Kindness from Stampin'Up again. I just love that set but don't worry, I've put it away for now. I'm trying to work on some confirmation cards.  My hubby and older son are in Florida visiting with my in-laws and my hurricane and I are spending the weekend together at home. He's making sure his momma stays busy. Today he figured out how to climb out of his crib, figured out how to climp on the kitchen table and managed to headbutt the floor and not on the carpet part (90% of the floor has carpet). He found my brayer which still had ink on it and started chewing on it. A couple of days ago he managed to open one of my SU ink pads and got purple ink all over himself. I was pretty optimistic to think I'd have time to read a couple of book, make a few cards and knit....and make a bunch of food for the freezer. I did manage to use my slow cooker today and got a little bit of food made for the freezer.

In the last week, week and a half I have managed to read A LOT. Three books thank you very much, in three languages. Stieg Larsson's The girl with the dragon tattoo (Män som hatar kvinnor, 567pgs), Dorothy Koomson's Marshmallows for Breakfast (440pgs) and Åsa Larsson's Blóðnætur (Det blod som spillts, 365pgs) and I'm reading an icelandic book I found at the library (in english). I'm waiting to finish that one so I can start Stieg Larsson's The girl who played with fire.
I just finished knitting yoga socks for my son, not that he does yoga, he wanted me to make socks with no heel or toes. And I just started knitting Citron.
And it's starting to look a little bit like spring :) Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty warm, 75°F and I think I'll try to keep my little one busy outside as much as I can ;)

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Jóna said...

Æðislega falleg kortin þín eins og venjulega. Svo gaman að sjá sama stimpilinn í mismunandi litum og útfærslu.