Sunday, March 20, 2011

A card, a shawl and the moon

Here is another card I made at the same time as the card in my last post.
I used Very Vanilla card stock from Stampin'Up instead of Kraft card stock. I think everything else is about the same.
I finally finished my shawl, it took me way too long to finish but that's what happens when you've got a little one getting into everything he can think of.

We've been having some rough days in the past week, starting with my older son getting sick with a bad cold and had to stay home from school. Then my younger one (who's barely had a day without a cold all winter) started feeling under the weather. On Thursday it was my turn and I got down with a sore throat and fever. We took the little one to the doctor on Friday morning and were told that he's got RSV. Today I'm finally feeling a little bit better, after 3 days of feeling either too hot or too cold due to my fever. The little one seems to be doing better...but my hubby is not doing so great. And this weekend (well, Friday and Saturday) were the warmest we've had this year and we were so going to enjoy it....well, maybe next time. Last night I knew the moon was supposed to be super bright and was bummed out because it was cloudy here in the mountains. At 1am I was still up (don't know why, because I was still feeling yucki at that time) and as I turned out the lights to get ready for bed I noticed how bright everything was outside. So instead of going to bed I put my jacket on and grabbed my camera. I had the hardest time figuring out which settings to use to take my pictures but managed to get a few decent ones, here's one of them:


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Jóna said...

Annað ekki Huldulegt kort :O) sjalið er ÆÐI og tunglmyndin er bara þvílíkt flott !!!!!!

Ég vona að þið séuð skriðin upp úr veikindunum núna.