Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sympathy cards perhaps...I'm not sure

I made these two cards last month. They are very simple and easy to make. I started with just the embossed circles and scalloped circles but thought they needed to be a little bit bigger. I don't really know if I like them or not. Maybe if I'd add a sentiment or something they might look nicer.
Gold cross and gold ribbon. 
Silver cross and black/silver ribbon.
The polka dot embossing folder is from Cuttlebug and the roses are from Stampin'Up.
My hubby and older son went on a trip to Florida last weekend to see my in-laws. And my little hurricane had his mom all to himself for 5 whole days. He was THE boss, I tell yah. He won't even let his mom spend 5 minutes on the computer, it's like I'm torturing him he squeals and cries if he sees me even just going in the computer room. In the last 5 days he's made sure his momma stays busy. Fortunately we had great weather and I was able to let him explore our front and backyard. 
We even got a visitor and he told us spring is here ;) 
I finished that icelandic book I was reading (it felt weird reading it in english) but I have not yet started the next book on my list. Instead I worked on my shawl.
I've knitted a little bit more since I took this picture. It's pretty easy, which helps when I've got a one year old destroying the house ;)
Don't be surprised if I bombard you with wedding invitations, I'll be making the invitations for my niece's wedding later this year. I can't wait to start experimenting and trying out different color combinations and styles.
Have a nice weekend and thank you for stopping by :)


Tejal said...

I like both the versions of the card..the little hurricane sure has grown up!!
Thanks so much for voting for my card..haven't been around your blog in a long while..

Jóna said...

Kortin eru gullfalleg, svo hrein og stílí. Myndirnar eru líka æði.