Saturday, April 16, 2011

Black, white and red

When I saw this patterned paper I just had to have it. It's so pretty. It may look a little bit blurry on the picture but that's the print , the pattern is raised and kind of hard to take a good picture of it.
This is a very simple card, no stamping. I used a border punch to get the lace under the ribbon. I used a sizzix die to cut the heart out of card board or chip board. Cereal boxes are great to cut shapes out of. I sprayed the heard with red smooch shimmer mist. I love this color combination, white and black with a hint of red.

Last week was my older son's spring break. We had planned to go on a trip to Linville Falls and Brown Mountain over the weekend and spend a couple of nights there. Then we were just going to relax at home and celebrate my older son's sixth birthday. Well, we did make it to Linville Falls with a short stop on the highest mountain east of the Mississippi river, Mt. Mitchell. We put our stuff in the cabin and had lunch and were driving around the area when we got a phonecall telling us my FIL had passed away. We decided to stay in Linville Falls one night, and then we drove home. My hubby got a 4 hour rest before heading to Florida. We drove to Savannah, Georgia, and stayed over night in a Microtel before driving all the way to Lakeland, FL.
Before leaving Savannah we checked out Fort Polaski. I had fun taking pictures there.
Here's the birthday boy, wearing a crown he got at school. 
His birthday was the same day as the funeral so we haven't celebrated it yet. He did get to go to Chucky Cheese's the day before his birthday and he loved it, even if the only kids there were he and his 3 year old cousin. So we went to Florida for spring break but there were no beach trips, no amusement parks and no sun bathing. We did get to see the family and eat a lot of good food though and the boys have a had a blast playing with their cousins. They don't get to see them very often.
Tonight we'll be heading back home with a stop in Georgia again. an 11 hour drive is a bit too long when you're travelling with little ones.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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