Friday, April 22, 2011

A new neighbor

I've got a big stash of stamped images, some of them I have already colored, some are waiting to be colored and some don't need any coloring. I've been going through that stash and picking out images to use and the image on this card is one of those.
I had already colored the image with some pieces of patterned paper in mind. But it's been too long and I couldn't remember what I had in mind. I think I did ok though, finding paper to match the image. I bought the flowers at a dollar store last year or the year before.
We've been trying to get back in our old rutine here at the house but it's not been easy. The little one's been waking up more often than usual and waking up at 6:30 ready to start the day. The older one has been wilder than usual, not falling asleep until late in the evening and that makes him cranky in the mornings. I hope things will be better next week.  We're just going to be lazy this easter and stay home.

I wanted to share this picture I took in Glen Alpine, NC, a couple of weeks ago. I can only imagine how beautiful this hous must have been years ago. Now it just looks kind of creepy. Makes me wish someone would buy it and fix it up.
And here's a picture I took in our yard a couple of days ago.
I'm not really fond of this new neighbor of mine but he is NOT poisonous and he likes rats and mice. My older son noticed him in our front yard while he was outside playing. I have to admit that I zoomed in when I took the picture, I was not standing that close to him. This is the third time we see a snake in our yard (first time this year though). This is a black snake, I have seen a garter snake too.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Jóna said...

Flott kort og myndirnar. Hlakka til að sjá skrappsíðuna með snáknum :O)
Páskakveðja. Jóna