Saturday, May 14, 2011


We've been having sunny/thunderstorm weather here lately. Yesterday I took Sylvan to Splasheville in Asheville (water play area) and we had great weather there, I did hear a couple of thunders. While we were there, my husband and the little one were at home and they got a bad thunderstorm with hail, it's only a 15 min. drive from my house to downtown Asheville.
As long as we don't get a severe thunderstorm I don't mind the thunders and lightnings.

Enough about the weather, here are a couple of cards I made. They are not very big just under 4 in. I think. But I think it's a perfect size for the dress stamp.

My Nestabilities came in handy for those. I had already stamped the dresses a while ago so all I had to do was cut the card stock and glue everything together. The pink/red dress was originally white but I decided cover it in pink ink with my brayer and then add glitter to it. I have already sent both of those cards to Iceland.
Here's my boy playing in Splasheville, I can't wait to take my little one there, he's not feeling good at the moment, got a little bit of a cold and fever thing going on. I might take him there sometime next week while Sylvan's at school.

Congratulation Azerbaijan on being no. 1 in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Have a nice Sunday everyone :)


Jóna said...

Kjólakortin þín eru alltaf jafn falleg og glæsileg !!
Sylvan alltaf jafn sætur :o) Þú átt yndislega fallega stráka Hulda mín :O)

Valeria said...

þetta er nú með því glæsilegra korti verð ég að segja