Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fairy Princess and Prince Charming

I bought this stamp from Stamping Bella a couple of years ago but I haven't used it very much. I didn't like all the extra space I got when I cut a rectangle around the image. Until I thought of using this oval die from Spellbinders. It turned out pretty good I think.
I picked the papers before coloring in the image. The flowers are from a dollar store.
I seem to have lost both my cardmaking and knitting mojo. I'm trying to get it back. My little one keeps me pretty busy and the older one is not getting enough sleep so he gets pretty cranky. I think his problem is that it doesn't get dark until after 8 pm and his bedtime is 7 pm. He needs at least 11 hours of sleep to not be cranky and tired when he comes home from school and he's not getting it.
Here he is, Prince Charming, picking flowers for me (he asked for permission to pick those flowers). He made me a few drawings and picked out a few things aroun the house as a mother's day gift for me (including a "belt" for my vacuum cleaner *lol*).
I also got things he made at school, including a "breakfast in bed" bag that had a teabag and a breakfast bar in it. Unfortunately the breakfastbar has apples in it (I'm allergic to apples) so the breakfast is still in the bag. Maybe he can give it to his dad for Father's Day.
We don't really celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day or any of these so called special days, we just took the boys to a playground and "let them loose". There was a little girl there that thought my Jesse was the best, but Jesse wasn't too sure about her ;)
She wanted to hold his hand but he kept running away. 
And finally she caught up with him :)


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Jóna said...

Flott kort eins og venjulega :O)
Myndirnar af Jesse og stelpunni eru alveg dásamlegar og pældu í því, þetta er bara byrjunin hahahahah þær eiga eftir að elta hann á röndum :O)