Monday, August 8, 2011

More dresses

Can you tell I had a blast making these dress cards? It was so much fun. I've made 5 so far.
Here I embossed a part of the front with a folder from Stampin'Up. I then covered the embossed part with scrap paper and sprayed the upper part red. I Ended up spraying pink on the lower part too. The card is only made with half a sheet of card stock.

Here I covered the front with patterned paper. I think it's from Webster but I'm not sure. I put a little bit of glitter in the teal circles.

I used used patterned paper (Fancy pants I think) on the whole dress and inked the top part of it.

I've got more pics to share from our trip to Iceland. We finally came home today after spending the weekend in Florida. Thursday was tough, we got up early and got ready for our flight to Boston and that flight went pretty smoothly. Then we had to go through customs and all that with our tired boys and of course the flight from Boston to Tampa got delayed about 45 minutes and there was nothing for the boys to watch on the tv so when we finally got to Tampa I was pretty much exhausted. One of our bags got damaged pretty bad and we won't be using it again, it's got a big hole in it now :/ But at least they didn't loose our bags this time. Here are some more pics:
Snæfellsjökull glacier up close. West Iceland.

The boys checking out the beach at Búðir, Snæfellsnes, West Iceland. 
This falcon was posing for us and other tourists at Búðir.

Here we see Hekla, a volcano in South Iceland. My parents have a summer house not far from the volcano. We spent a whole week at the summerhouse.

This is at Gjáin, South Iceland. You can get there by hiking or if you drive a jeep or car with a four wheel drive. Last time we went there we hiked but this time we drove my dad's small jeep. It is absolutely beautiful there. Three or more watefalls and a few caves.

I am so tired, we drove 10 hours from Florida to North Carolina last night. I don't rest very good in a car and did not get a chance to nap today. Today is my birthday too and I spent the day unpacking a little bit, doing laundry, cleaning the flowerbed (the weeds sure multiplied while we were gone) and taking care of my boysa. I even fixed my vacuum cleaner. No festivities. When we were getting ready to go buy  a cake my hubby got called in to work so we'll do that tomorrow. I sent the boys to bed early and I don't think they've ever fallen asleep as quickly as tonight.  And I think it's time for me to hug my pillow now.

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