Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My mother's dress

Yeah yeah, I know, enough with the dresses. At least you know I got mym money's worth out of this stamp from Inkadinkado. It's just so awesome I can't stop using it.
I made a few of these circle easel cards and sent to Iceland. They are the perfect size for small/medium gifts or bouquets. I tried different backgrounds and different color combinations.

I used my Nestabilities dies for the circles and scalloped circles.
I've been working on a few cards since we got back from Iceland, made a few small ones and a few regular sizeds ones, total of 18 so far. At the same time I don't feel like I've been spending enough time at the desk. Just a few minutes here and there. That's about all I get when I've got both boys shadowing me 12 -13 hours a day. I've taken them to Splasheville in down town Asheville 3 times in the week we've been home. My husband's car died so now the boys and I are stuck at home while hubby goes to work which is usually not until 5:30 pm but on Tuesdays and Wednesdays he works/volunteers at a museum before going to work and he leaves the house just after lunch. Ugh, I can't stand not having the option of taking the boys somewhere after lunch, and not being able to use the car until the next morning. We can't walk anywhere from our street, it's just our street, another street and then the highway and no sidewalks. Today was a long day at home but hubby mowed the front yard so the boys were able to put water in their playpool and play for an hour or two. The weather was just perfect. Tomorrow we get to meet Sylvan's 1st grade teacher and Thuraday is his first day in 1st grade :)

Well, enough of the boohooing from me, I've got a couple more pics from Iceland.
Here's my dad putting Theodor Jesse on my uncle's horse, my son is named after my uncle (Theodor). And you can see one of my nephews behind my uncle.

This picture was taken from inside a cave. My friend, my twin sister and I took our boys to a lake (we've all got 2 boys) to let the boys play in the sand. I let my little one stay with his daddy though. We were there for almost 5 hours and it rained almost the whole time but the boys loved it and we were able to have our picnic in the cave out of the rain.
My first grader playing at the lake, he had so much fun.


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