Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mini cards

I've been makng a few mini cards that could go with a small present or a bouquet of flowers.
I think this one would go great with a gift for a horse owner. There are a few of them in my home town.
The stamp is from Stampin'Up. And I used my nesties to cut the circles. Distressed with a sponge and ink from Stampin'Up.

I was going through my dies and embossing folders and found this image from Cuttlebug. I've had it for years but I think this is the first time I actually use it on a card. I hope you can se the butterfly, it was very challenging to get a good picture of it. I like the simplicity of this tag/card.

My knitting is going very slowly, I'm about half way through the balaklava for my son. I haven't done much crafting either. My boys have been a pain in the neck at bed time all week. Not falling a sleep until ten pm. The little one has been wanting my to stay in the room with him while he's fighting sleep and half way through the week he got sick and has been fighting an upper respiratory infection for a few days now. That means I´ve been stuck at the house working full time as a snot cleaner and he's been using his nebulizer every 3 hours or so. Today he seems to be doing a little bit better but is still fighting a cold and I'm feeling a bit under the weather. We might get out a little bit after his nap, there's a festival in Asheville we want to go to if it doesn't start raining.
My big boy is trying out for "Odyssey of the mind" at school, they've got three try outs to see which kids will make it on a team. They don't have enough coaches for all the kids to get on a team. He's only 6 years old so I think if he can't make it on a team now he can try again next year.

Here's a peaceful picture from Iceland to end this post. 
Have a great week everyone!

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