Saturday, September 17, 2011

W is the letter

W is the letter for Winter. Here's my first winter/Christmas card.
I just love this color combination, it's classic, light blue/dark blue/white/silver. And this stamp (Stampin'Up) is one of my favorites for Christmas cards. The felted snowflakes are from Martha Stewart and the background stamp is from Stampin'Up.
Here we've got some more Stampin'Up stuff and I used my new border punch fro EKsuccess. 
I was thinking this could be used as a sympathy card. Pretty simple and there's room for a sentiment if I can come up with something.

Guess who we potted in Asheville a couple of weeks ago!

W is the letter for Woody Harrelson! We went to a festival down town and there he was, trying hard not to get noticed...I told my friend that he would have fit more in had he worn a skirt or something silly like everyone else :p (it was one of those super silly festivals). Apparently he's been in town off and on this summer. filming a movie.

I can't fir the letter W to this picture, my english vocabulary isn't big enough. But this is the shack we spent a couple of hours in last weekend, listening to old records and dancing. I just love this place and Aunt&Uncle are wonderful too. Ah...W is the letter for Wonderful!

I Wish you a Wonderful rest of the Weekend!

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