Friday, October 21, 2011

Soccer/football and knitting

Man, has this been a busy month for me. Since my last post we've gone to a fall festival at school, a corn maze and to the movies with the boys. I also had to prepare my little one's birthday party. Of course he got a bad cold two days before the party and had to use his nebulizer. The next day we went on the parkway, like thousands of others, to see the fall colors. But mainly to take fall pictures of my friend's girls. It was hard to find a place that didn't have any tourists! But we found a couple of good places. Then of course I had to edit the pictures. This Sunday is my hubby's birthday and next weekend we've got Halloween.
Fortunately I've got a few cards I haven't posted yet ;)

My hometown in Iceland is pretty soccer crazy. Most of the kids play soccer and have favorite teams in the English League and possibly the Italian and Spanish too. I know I used to like Man. Utd. in England and A.C. Milan in Italy.
So I made birthday cards using soccer images. These two cards are made using the Man. Utd. colors. I made them pretty simple. I was so glad to find the girl stamp. Because the boys aren't the only ones playing soccer!
The boy stamp is from Gillian Roberts (Stampavie) and the girl is from La-La Land Crafts.

And lookey here, I actually finished some knitting. I made this cowl, it took me way too long and I kept making silly mistakes. The pattern is pretty easy to remember but I was trying to knit and watch tv or something and kept messing up.

But I like the final result. I used icelandic wool, Kambgarn, that I bought when I was over there last time.

Here's a picture from our visit to South Carolina. It was taken at the Walnut Grove Plantation í Roebuck.

Anyhow, the boys are watching a movie and I plan on getting crafty when they've gone to bed :) 

Have a nice weekend!

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