Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Simple Christmas

I made these cards a while back but somehow I missed taking pictures of them. Fortunately I hadn't sent them off yet to the shop that sells my cards.
I only used one layer. The colored rectangles are made using post-it notes, a sponge and an inkpad. I also used a stam from Stampin'Up and a sentiment stamp from Iceland.

Gleðileg jól means Merry Christmas.

My older son can't wait to decorate for Christmas, he's been singing Christmas carols since July and watching The Polar Express since late August I think. He asked to go on the Polar Express (trainride) for Christmas and told me he would rather do that than get any toys from us. So that's the plan, we've done it before and it was so much fun. I've also told him he can decorate his tree on Black Friday....I'm hoping that'll keep him from bugging me to put up the tree in the living room. I don't want to do that until maybe the middle of December. My family always put up the tree on the 23rd of Dec. and took it down on the 6th of Jan. That's when most Icelanders celebrate Christmas.
Anyway...we've got Thanksgiving to think about now. No plans yet other than making croc pot turkey like last year :) I just hope we get good weather so we can go on short trips and explore new places.

Have a good rest of the week!

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Mokinita said...


I've only just come across your blog.
Love these cards, so simple yet so gorgeous!
Take care,