Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wise men

Not the usual Christmas colors. I just felt like trying something new. If that's possible when using old patterned paper.
The stamp is new to me. I think it's from Hero Arts,  I've already packed my Christmas stamps and moved on to confirmation cards.

I'm not sure which card I like better but I do love that border punch (EKsuccess).

Christmas is around the corner and my older boy is getting so excited, he's been bugging me to put up the Christmas tree and when he saw I had cleared the corner where we usually put it today, he got super excited. The tree is still in the attic though. Maybe I'll get it down tomorrow....I'm just not looking forward to stringing the lights on....bleh...that's the worst part. But I am looking forward to having the tree up, decorated with the lights on....if only I could just snap my fingers for that to happen.

I've got a few Christmasy things I need to take pictures of (like gift card holders) when we get better and brighter weather. We've had a lot or rain in the last couple of days and it's currently snowing a little bit. But hopefully it won't be this gloomy in the next couple of days. Hubby is wanting me to take pictures for too. Which takes me back to this past Sunday. We drove to the nearest cemetery to look for a couple of old graves. It was late in the day just before sundown. My two year old was all over the place and I got tired of chasing him around after we'd been there for a while. So I took him back to the car, started the car and tried to warm it up for us while listening to Christmas music. After a while I felt the car was getting cold again and right at that moment my hubby came in and suddenly the car just died. We tried to jump start it but it just sucked the juices out of the charger. By that time it had gotten dark outside. My car didn't even have enough power to unlock the doors. Man did we get depressed, I've already spent more on fixing the car this year than the car is worth. Well, we had to leave the car at the cemetery and we actually left it there for a couple of days. Trying to think of a way to get it home without paying a fortune for a tow truck. We decided to try jumpstarting it again..... and wouldn't you know it...we had no problems getting the car home and it's working fine now! You can try all you want to explain to me what happened....I'm pretty sure it was a ghost teasing us!

Have a great weekend :)

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