Sunday, February 12, 2012


Winter finally hit us here in the mountains. It snowed all day yesterday but it didn't stick to the ground. I would have liked to just stay indoors yesterday but my 6 year old had an OM practice (Odyssey of the Mind) in a cold barn so we had to bundle up and go there for about an hour. They have dress rehearsal this Thursday...yikes...if they could only stay focused on what they are doing and remember what to do. There are seven kids in the group, age 6-7, and they can not get any outside help on their project, not even from the coach.
It was so cold and windy last night. I think the squirrels found a hiding place in our attic and our heat pump couldn't keep up so when we got up this morning the temp in the house was 59°F  (15°C). And in almost 4 hours it has only got up to 62°F  (16.7°C) so the boys and I are bundled up and I baked a cake to try to warm up a little bit.
Anyway, I've got a girly confirmation card to show you. The stamps I used are all from Stampin'Up, I don't know if the top two are still in the catalog but I'm pretty sure the background stamp has been discontinued.
I've been using a lot of gray and white lately (with a dash of color). I've been reading a lot of Scandinavian interior design blogs and it seems that white and gray are very popular now. So that's where my inspiration comes from.
With Valentine's day coming up my 6 year old has been wanting to make V-day cards and I found this idea through Pinterest: 
I took a picture of my son and got enough prints for his class. Bought lollipops, punched holes on top and under his fist and put the lollipops in.

And he made tags for the back, wrote down the kids' names and his name and stamped a heart using his finger. We just taped the tags on the back of the cards. This way we were able to make cards that were not too girly and he did not have to make 23 cards by hand (he would have preferred that to buying cards but I know he'd never be ably to finish all of them).
I made 4 V-day cards for the boys to send to 4 ladies in their life, I'll probably only post a picture of one of them since my 6 year old so kindly tried to make them look a little bit better by drawing/writing on the front of them. It apparently was not enough for him to have the inside and the back to draw/write on :( And I was not smart enough to take pictures before he got his hands on them.

I hope everyone is staying warm this weekend. I'm gonna go see if the cake has cooled off enough for a little bit of frosting.

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