Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I made two different versions of the same card.
I chose white, pink and gray as my Valentine's color combo this year. The stamps are all from Stampin'Up and the colored card stock too. I used white card stock from Papertrey Ink for the base.

My son didn't think it was enough to have "Love you" on the front so he added "I love you" there at the bottom. The cards are also sprayed with silver shimmery mist.
I'm not expecting any Valentine's day cards in the mail, I have never gotten a Valentine's card in the mail before and don't expect that to change. My hubby doesn't believe in celebrating V-day, or birthdays or any kind of special days so I don't expect any extra hugs or kisses from him today.
I did get some extra lovin' from our friends in Waynesville yesterday. I spent the whole day there and my boy's had a chance to be with their daddy all day....and they loved it. I heard them talking about "mommy-free Mondays". So I guess I should try to find things to do on my own on Mondays so they can get daddy-time. It would be nice to get a break every now and then.
Well, I gotta finish up the card for my boys, my 6 year old will get home early from school, all loaded up  with candy I believe ;)


Eygló said...

Ég er veik heima og Sigurjón var stutt í leikskólanum í dag af því að hann er búinn að vera veikur líka. Þeir fá hjartasleikjó í eftirrétt í kvöld í tilefni dagsins. Annars höldum við ekkert upp á daginn frekar en vanalega ;þ

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...