Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pink dress

I have not bought much stuff for my card making in the last few months, I seem to have plenty to last me almost forever. But when I saw this dress die from QuicKutz/Lifestyle Crafts I just had to have it. I love making dress cards and it's more fun if you have different types of dresses to use. So now I've got a dress stamp, a dress template and a die.
I cut this dress out of a vanilla colored patterned paper and sponged the pink color on it. Making the color darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. The paper is shimmery and very easy to sponge on. The just a simple embossed background. This could be a birthday card, graduation card, confirmation or whatever you want it to be. Simple and easy.
I have been busy knitting in the last week, I finally got enough courage to start knitting the Tree of Light shawl. I've had a printout of the pattern for over a year and it just looked too hard....but guess's pretty easy. I hope my shawl turns out as pretty as the ones I've seen on Ravelry. I haven't taken a picture of mine yet, I'm only halfway done but here's a link to a BLOG where you can see a picture of it. Or if you are on Ravelry you can find it HERE.

My little one got a couple of days off from being sick last week. We had a friend over to play with him on Thursday and Friday he got to go out with his big bro and play in the yard for about an hour. Well, wouldn't you know it, by Saturday morning he was sick again. Today there was so much sunshine and he and I were stuck at home all day. Indoors. So we've gone back to making train tracks, painting, beading and building with blocks. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping he'll sleep through the night. I had to get up in the middle of the night and give him medicine through his nebulizer last night. 
At least his fine motor skills are ahead for his age.
Well, I've got a couple of birthday cards and Valentine's cards to work on tonight so I better get on with it!
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