Saturday, February 18, 2012


I just love the dress die from Lifestyle Crafts. This time I cut a dress out of white paper with white patterns on it. I then used a sponge to add the different shades of pink. And I found that little purse in with all my brads and eyelets.
I like that simple style, black, white and a touch of color.
I am still knitting the Tree of Light shawl, getting closer to the end. It's such a beautiful pattern. I can't wait to cast off and get a picture of it :)

We´ve had pretty nice weather in the last few days. My little one has had a whole week of 'non-sick' days. His first healthy week of the year. But now my older one is down with a flu of some sort. He's got high fever (103-104°F or 39-40°C). He spent most of the day in bed. Fortunately I was able to take little bro out for a while so big bro could rest, the weather was wonderful and our flowerbed seems to think it's spring time already.

We are expecting rain tonight and I think we'll have more flowers blooming after the weekend. I think they are coming up a week earlier than last year. We haven't had much of a winter so it doesn't really surprise me.
Well, I better check on my little patient, his meds seem to be working a little bit.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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