Friday, March 9, 2012


It's been a while since I made this card and it's been waiting patiently to be posted. The cute image is from Prima Marketing.
  There's something about little boys going fishing. My dad has taken my nephews fishing but my boys have never tried it. My dad did take my older boy to check out some boats and ships when we were in Iceland last summer. He got to go on board the rescue boat and also a big fishing trawler and we went out on a lake in a row boat :) But didn't go fishing.
My little one has been doing pretty good lately. The steroids he's taking for his lungs seem to be working, he's got a cold now but is not having any problems breathing. He love playing outside. We have a small fort with a couple of swings and a slide and he's figured out he can swing on the big boy swing all by himself, like this:
He loves it and will absolutely not share the swing with big bro.
I've been working in my flowerbed a little bit. We have a flowerbed right in front of our house that's just too big, I couldn't reach the plants in the back without stepping on other plants. And we had a huge rosemary in that flowerbed. I got rid of the rosemary (I'm going to grow new ones but not let them become the size of a bush), made a narrower raised flowerbed withing the big bed and added stepping stones in front of the raised bed so I could reach the plants. I've got tulips and hyacinths growing in the raised bed. I am working on the lower part now. I've got some grape hyacinths in that one and put a few Irises there yesterday. I'll be adding decorative grass and maybe true lavender there. I've got a few plants growing indoors that I'll add to my flowerbed hopefully in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping to be able to fix my other flowerbed maybe in the fall, it is just as hard to deal with as the one in front of our house. But right now I'm just enjoying the daffodils, crocuses and grape hyacinths in that flowerbed, and waiting for my tulips to bloom too.

We're supposed to get good weather here this weekend and I'm going to enjoy it with my boys. Hubby and I have a 7 year wedding anniversary on Monday, maybe I can trick him into celebrating it with my :)
I'm going to end this post with a picture of my older son and his (girl)friend. They had their big Odyssey of the Mind performance on Feb. 35th. My son and his friend were Rose and Jack from the movie Titanic and danced to Irish fiddle music.
Aren't they the cutest 6 year olds?

Have a great weekend!

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