Saturday, June 30, 2012


Is anyone else dealing with a heat wave now? I shouldn't dare complain, it's only 97°F/37°C where I live. But I have to wear pants and a long sleeve shirt if I'm staying in the yard for more than a few seconds, the mosquitos are eating me up. I use bug repellents and still have to cover up. I was trying to spend quality time with our little kitty (still no chance of petting him) and I was burning up (at 9 pm.). He showed me how good he was at climbing the trees in our front yard and what a great hunter he is. He's so sweet...the cardinals that live here are not afraid of him at all.
We've been staying indoors today though. The boys went outside for like 5 minutes...just to eat icecream (frozen yogurt). They've had a busy week, they both got to go to Vacation Bible School and we went to the pool 2 or 3 times.
Anywayn onto my card. A friend of mine needed a couple of wedding cards so I made a few for her to choose from. This is one of them:
I inked up impressabilities from Spellbinders for the background so you can actually feel the pattern. The stamps are from Hampton Art. I love how the background turned out, perfect for a wedding card.
Every spring a carnival (or fair) comes to town. We call it Tivoli in icelandic. And every time we go one the ferris wheel. The family together. We've had a pretty warm spring but got a cold spell the day we went to the Tivoli. But it was the only night we could go as a family. I did take the boys by myself a couple of night later and the got to try more rides. I took a few pictures, nothing special, it's hard to get good ones when your in the middle of a parking lot at the mall. I am looking forward to the Mountain State Fair in the fall, it's held at a better location.
The brothers loved it and didn't want to leave ;)

I hope your enjoying your weekend and staying cool and hydrated!


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