Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding and flowers

Anyone else waiting for a good down pour? It seem that some of my plants aren't growing very much and I keep wishing for  an afternoon storm or something. And on top of that I've got something messing up my flowerbed from underneath it and bugs eating my plants. I caught a grasshopper redhanded  a couple of weeks ago. It ate all my forget-me-nots. I just think a good down pour would do my plants a lot of good.
I haven't done a lot of cards lately, I never seem to have time for it. But before my older son got out of school for summer I made a few wedding cards.
Here's one of them. The stamp is from Recollections (Michael's brand, I have not been able to find it online). I've always got my eeyes open for pretty wedding stamps. I used an embossing folder from Sizzix and a lable die template from Spellbinders. And flowers from Prima Marketing. Pretty simple but I like it.
First day of summer is tomorrow and although most of my plants have either passed their blooming time or have yet to reach it I do have a few pictures of my spring flowers. I love spring and fall here inthe mountains, there are so many pretty colors to look at.
Rhododendron in my yard. 
The bees stayed busy while the rhododendron was blooming. 
A rose from a neighboring yard. 
My biggest and most beautiful Hen and Chicks. 
Dew on cat grass.
Speaking of cats, we've had our little kitten now for a week and it seems to know my voice pretty good. It is still afraid of my husband and not too sure about the boys. It is curious and playful though. I was able to get it to follow me a little bit and get it to a better place with shelter from the rain we don't seem to be getting. And a couple of times I've noticed it watching us playing in the yard...hiding behind a few straws. Hopefully it will be brave enough soon to join us.

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