Saturday, July 14, 2012


Summer is the time for weddings. I know a lucky girl who's getting married today and last Saturday there were two wedding I knew of. A friend of mine has been invited to 3 wedding this summer.
Here's a wedding card that's perfect for a summer wedding.
It's quite small, 4x4 in. or so. But it would look good as a part of the decoration on a wedding gift. I put a little bit of pale pink ink on my embossing folder before embossing the paper. I need to make more of these :)

We finally got rain here in the mountains and now it just won't stop. Which means a lot of indoor playing...then fussing...then fighting...yeah, my boys don't always get a long. Sometimes being the little one is so hard and sometimes being the big one is so hard. My big one has been going to gymnastics summer camp and the little one doesn't understand why he can't go too. He's 3 months shy of being "big enough". Next year he'll get to go to summer camp and all the VBS he wants.

But for now we just dream of going to the river.
Maybe next week I'll take them there. I'm hoping we'll get a little bit of sunshine. The water will be super cold but throwing rocks in the river is fun too.
I hope your having a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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